Sunday, 13 November 2011

Songs better enjoyed lying down.

Enter in second semester of college in this girls life. I'm 18, moved into a new apartment and met one of my best friends, Ashley Tanner and thanks to this amazing relationship I was introduced to a brand new way of enjoying music.
Basically it goes something like this: some songs sound better when you light a candle, lay on the ground and turn up the tunes. Well, today while searching for the soundtrack of "Nights at Rodanthe" (yes, it's fantastic and yes you should buy it) I found this gem.
So, if you really want to experience this song do what I do. Lie on down and just live in the moment. You'll thank me later.

  p.s. if you feel the need to light a cigarette and take long, soulful're not alone but try to resist.

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