Sunday, 13 November 2011

Songs better enjoyed lying down.

Enter in second semester of college in this girls life. I'm 18, moved into a new apartment and met one of my best friends, Ashley Tanner and thanks to this amazing relationship I was introduced to a brand new way of enjoying music.
Basically it goes something like this: some songs sound better when you light a candle, lay on the ground and turn up the tunes. Well, today while searching for the soundtrack of "Nights at Rodanthe" (yes, it's fantastic and yes you should buy it) I found this gem.
So, if you really want to experience this song do what I do. Lie on down and just live in the moment. You'll thank me later.

  p.s. if you feel the need to light a cigarette and take long, soulful're not alone but try to resist.

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Invisible Woman....

So, like my facebook status said a couple days ago, I met a woman who told me something interesting. I was in Walmart doing some grocery shopping when this older woman asked me to help her find Marie Calendar's stuffing in a box. I obliged of course and while she was walking away she said, "you know, when women get to a certain age, about 65, they become part of the scenery for men. But when a young thing like you walks by all of a sudden they stand a little straighter, their pains stop hurting and they follow you with their eyes. So, enjoy it while you can sweetie". I stared after her with this mixed emotion of admiration and shock. Before she continued walking down the aisle she turned to me, struck a Marilyn Monroe-esque pose and said "tell 'em to look but they can't have".
This ball of sass then flicked her heels in the direction of the check outs and jauntily made her way to pay for the ever delicious stuffing in a box.
I was stunned. How brassy of her to just tell a perfect stranger exactly what was on her mind. She didn't care who I was or what I was there for, but proudly made her point and continued on her way. She reminded me a little of my Grandma when she was younger. Grandma always told me to watch my figure, be a lady and look my best. She was a diva that is for sure and I know that right now she is probably having the time of her life.
Thanks Grandma :)

Monday, 29 August 2011

I miss you....

I miss your voice.
I miss your smile.
I miss your stories
I miss your cards.
I miss your hugs.
I miss your support.
I miss your house.
I miss how we used to look at pictures together.
I miss your red fingernail polish.
I miss your love.
I miss how we used to talk.
I miss staying all night at your house.
I miss hearing you say my name.
I miss telling you about my day and you being genuinely interested.
I miss how you used to dance.
I even miss you telling me how pretty my hair used to be.
I miss hearing you say "I've been everywhere".
I miss everything about you.
I miss you saying you pray for me every morning and night.

I really miss you. Even though I know you are happier now, I wish I had one more day with you.
I miss how my heart used to not hurt so much because I knew you were just a phone call away.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Kayla: Definition...not sure I wanted to know after all.

Have you ever had those days when you are SO bored that you go and google your name to see what it means? Well ladies and gentlemen...I just did! I'm not going to lie, what I found was umm..enlightening? At least it had my sister rolling on the ground with laughter. I'm just curious who this Ross person is...

According to one google search:


A beautiful female who is slightly goofy and really crazy in all areas of her life; never forgotten and always lovable.

The defition of Kayla has changed dramatically over time to rest at the above definition. The word "Kayla" is actually derived from a Greek mythology female deity who would prey on innocent men in the way of adinner whore. The deity had one fatal weakness: a hysterical male deity by the name of Ross who only had to speak her name to suppress Kayla's alluring powers.
As for the truth behind how I received my name, just check out the picture above. Say hello to Kayla Brady from the hit daytime soap opera drama: Days of Our Lives. Oh, and are you wondering who that dashing man in the eye patch is? That's her husband...Patch. I'm guessing because of his patch, but mind you that is just a guess. Either way if you are going to wear a patch, best to wear it like this man here...with head to toe black leather. Ohhh yeahhh... haha! My mom was a pretty big fan and coincidently, I was born during the time slot for the show. Crrraazzyy... yes.

As for the definitions behind my name, they are hilarious. I like them and I think it makes you think you know, what's in a name? Yeah, my name is Kayla but does that really shape who I am? Maybe. If I let it. If not, its just a pretty name my mom picked out for me when I entered this bright beautiful world. Thanks mom :).

what to do when you have to have a "talk"

What do you do when someone says, "hey, we need to talk". It doesn't matter who says it, I always get that chill up my spine that screams PANIC!!! Instantly I fly into a fix-it frenzy and run through scenario after scenario of what we could possibly have to talk about. I think about all my options. Meaning, should I even agree to this "talk" or if I don't what could happen? What if it isn't all that bad, but what if it is? See...just like in "Letters to Juliet" when they read that letter stating that the words what and if separately are harmless, put them together and it could be a dagger to the heart. What if. What if? What if!
Well, what if? Say it enough and the phrase only gains value in vague horror. So this is where I stand on the issue...if you need to talk to me about something important, just say what it is we need to talk about up front.
Example: "hey, we need to talk about your's scary". Done! I'm not freaking out, I have the subject of the discussion and your opinion on the matter all in the first sentence. No need to worry, no need to wonder. All ambiguity has been removed and we can all go about our business and leave all the "what ifs" out of our lives forever. Doesn't that seem nicer? I think so.