Sunday, 14 August 2011

what to do when you have to have a "talk"

What do you do when someone says, "hey, we need to talk". It doesn't matter who says it, I always get that chill up my spine that screams PANIC!!! Instantly I fly into a fix-it frenzy and run through scenario after scenario of what we could possibly have to talk about. I think about all my options. Meaning, should I even agree to this "talk" or if I don't what could happen? What if it isn't all that bad, but what if it is? See...just like in "Letters to Juliet" when they read that letter stating that the words what and if separately are harmless, put them together and it could be a dagger to the heart. What if. What if? What if!
Well, what if? Say it enough and the phrase only gains value in vague horror. So this is where I stand on the issue...if you need to talk to me about something important, just say what it is we need to talk about up front.
Example: "hey, we need to talk about your's scary". Done! I'm not freaking out, I have the subject of the discussion and your opinion on the matter all in the first sentence. No need to worry, no need to wonder. All ambiguity has been removed and we can all go about our business and leave all the "what ifs" out of our lives forever. Doesn't that seem nicer? I think so.

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