Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Remember how much I LOVE sunglasses?

So, confession, I LOVE sunglasses! I collect them like a homeless man collects newspapers. I have Elvis replicas, Rayband wannabes from Milan, silver aviators, brown aviators, cat-eyed vintage polka dotted beauties, tortoise shelled rayband type, big Hollywood type from Las Vegas...the list goes on! It's what I collect on roadtrips lately. Sunglasses and postcards. But sunglasses are so much more fun.
Depending on my mood you'll see me cruising to Etta James "pushover" with my cat-eyed wonder glasses or maybe I'm feeling a little more adventurous and on come the aviators with some 3oh3!. Either way I like my sunglasses and they like me but right now I'm in a rut. What type do I get next? Any ideas?

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