Saturday, 13 August 2011

What I learned about marriage from Arthur

Confession: sometimes I feel like I'm stunted somehow in life because I'm 24 and not married....and living in Utah.

Granted, I realize that this thought is RIDICULOUS beyond belief, but after being raised with the underlying expectation that I will be married before 21 and if not, then shortly after serving a mission and then coming to a point after those two options and still single? It's a tough pill to swallow.
I spoke to my most trusted advisor about this very subject not too long ago and was told that although I am making great strides into becoming more of a whole person myself, I'm just not ready to be married. Part of me thought..what? Not ready? I'm old! Of COURSE I'm ready!
Then I watched Arthur, you know, that one movie with Russell Brand? Yeah. I watched this and made some startling realizations for myself. Here was this man, old and rich who thought that life was dandy until he met someone who he kind of really liked. The story goes on to show how through circumstances in his life he matures, becomes more "whole" himself. It wasn't enough that he was rich, fun or even that he loved this girl to be married...he had to be ready.
He had to get to the point where aside from all the outside factors, he had to be ok with just him. Then he got to be part of something better, a couple.
So maybe Hollywood finally got it right. It's not all about the meet cute, the story or the difficulties overcome to finally get to be together. It's about two whole people giving of themselves wholly to form one bond.

And it's past 3 and most likely I've not made much sense, but I had to get it out while it was fresh. I really hope this makes sense when I wake up.

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