Friday, 12 August 2011

Orange Crush and Mt. Dew

Battle of my summer

Work has been pretty amazing lately, I'm not even going to try and hide it. I love my job! My co-workers are bomb and the whole concept is something I actually believe in so working here is great :).

This week I had two sodas to carry me through. If anyone really knows us, meaning my family, you know we like our sodas! A: Mt. Dew. It is the nectar of the Gods and I am personally convinced that there exists a natural flowing fountain somewhere just waiting to be discovered. Imagine...a land flowing with Mt. Dew. yuummm...

And then there is Orange Crush, the drink of summer. Mt. Dew is year round, Orange Crush is summer for me :). That and kool-aid.

So as I sit here, diligently working away, I have a bit of summer and a bit of joy with me.

ssssooooo goooooood :)

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