Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ikea is my happy place

Everyone has a happy place. For some it might be a park they go to to unwind and "connect" with nature. Maybe it's your car on a ride after a long day at work or maybe even a book you just can't help reading over and over again.
For me, it's Ikea. Ikea and I go way back, 2008 back. My first experience was in Torino, Italy and I finally got to go to what I later refer to as bliss. It was a p-day on my mission and we spent the day just trying to find the store and when we did, I felt like I had arrived...arrived in paradise! The showrooms were divine, the creativity astounding and honestly, I about died in pleasure with the food from the cafeteria. I was in heaven. All the stress, anxiety and unfamiliarity of the mission melted away as I browsed through aisle after aisle of Ikea goodness.
I think I only ended up buying two or three things, but the impression of the moment lasted with me for years after. I kept the magazine I got there for the rest of my mission and when I was in Milano, sick and miserable, I would pull it out just to relive the moment of joy. That and the Ensign with a talk from Sheri Dew were my escapes :).
Luckily, now I live in Salt Lake City with an Ikea mere minutes from my house. So when I have a particularly rough day, you know where to find me...bedroom and kitchen sections of the Draper Ikea, or maybe munching on lingonberries and mashed potatoes.