Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday Afternoon Picnics

If you are in Salt Lake, you've probably noticed the glorious rain storms we have been having today! Oh! I love summer rain storms! Is there anything more fun? I dare you to show me something more relaxing than a rainstorm, on a Sunday, in the summer when you have nothing else to do but sit by a window. Or under a gazebo on top of a 9 story apartment building with great company. It pretty much takes the cake!
So that's what we did today. Sam, Abram, Shauntae, Rachel and myself had a perfectly adorable picnic on top of the Garden Tower apartment in downtown Salt Lake. It was GORGEOUS. I made trifle, my first, and Abram brought his delicious strawberry jam. We had sandwiches, trifle, salad and lots of laughs.
Life doesn't get much better than living in downtown Salt Lake with friends like mine for company.

We loved the trifle (thanks mom) and we are all a little obsessed with this house. Isn't it amazing?


  1. Sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon! I think you live in the perfect area too. Yes, I would like to live in that house! Enjoy the trifle,I have other recipes I will share with ya for that amazing bowl:) Enjoy your life!!!!!

  2. That does sound perfect!