Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Celtic rain in the park

Tonight I needed a bit of fresh air. So like any girl with a beach cruiser, I hopped aboard and went looking for an adventure. The air was crisp and the sky was a glorious display of sun drenched storm clouds. I was giggling like a little girl as I rode my mint green cruiser across the grass and onto the sidewalk.
As I rode, without my trusty ipod if you will believe it, I heard the magical sound of bagpipes dancing on the air and it plucked at my scotch/irish heartstrings the way only celtic magic can. I pulled up, parked near a bench and decided that tonight was going to be one to remember!

The music was fun, spirited and obviously the musicians were very talented. But then Utah showed it's sense of humor and decided to rain. It was a light sprinkle that had a playful personality. I am a rain enthusiast. So when it rains, there is music, I'm outside and the sun is still shining? You can't buy a better evening!
I think these are the evenings you remember for a long time. I wish more people could see the beauty in these open air concerts. But then again they would become over run and most likely no longer be free to the public. Bitter with the sweet, eh?

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