Sunday, 24 July 2011


So yesterday I threw yet another party on my porch. Maybe it's becoming a bit redundant but I can't get enough of it! I love throwing a fun, relaxed, come as you are party for my friends. I've never been the one to make and keep forever friends. What I mean is, I've never had like a constant "best friend" since childhood. My friends come and go, usually as I do. I am a movin' fool so I make friends, we are good, I move and the friendship kind of dies. I'm not really sure why.
Anyway, this is something about me that I would like to change and am trying really hard to do it. Right now I have the most fantastic friends that anyone could ever ask for! Angela, Swapp, Shauntae, Melissa, Abram, Sam, Johnny, Alex, Joey, Kate...just to name a few, These are GOOD people. I mean, talk about cream of the crop!
Yesterday I was stressing quite a bit getting ready for the party and my friends came in and saved the day. They probably don't know or even realize how much that meant to me. Thanks guys :) I definitely love you.

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