Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Weird habits of girls in their 20's.....

I just noticed something recently and I don't mean to embarrass anyone in the process, but girls in their twenties have some weird habits. I'm for sure not excluding myself at all mind you, I'm right up there with the best/worst of them. But the one habit I want to talk about tonight is eating cereal in bed...and leaving the bowls in our rooms. It's kinda weird, borderline gross, but we all do it.
I dare you, walk into a 20-something girl's room without forewarning on like a Monday or Tuesday and 90% of the time there will be an empty cereal bowl in there. Why do we do this? No idea. But we do. Good thing we're cute so you can look the other way right?

Do 20-something guys do this too? I'm super curious to know!