Saturday, 9 July 2011

Brunch on the Porch

Once upon a time there was a girl in Salt Lake City named Kayla Wilcox. She loved parties and even more than that, she loved hosting them. One day she decided to start a beautiful tradition on her street called "Brunch on the Porch". This would include yummy foods, beautiful company and lots of pictures.
This is Swapp. We roadtripped together and plan on doing it again.

Naturally she invited her neighbors, co-workers and Wyoming roadtrip buds to come along and experience just how fun summer brunches outside can be.

This is Kayla. She loves being a hostess and is looking forward to throwing even more parties! I think she gets this from her mom. And maybe from he friends Hilary and Kristen. Last summer, she spent time at multiple parties, all of them a lot of fun and all of them in Provo. Who knew that Provo would provide the education she would need to become a hostess? Stranger things have happened.

What would a party be without the man power to clean up after? These are Kayla's neighbors. All of them single, all of them fun and all of them amazing for picking up after the brunch. It was pretty incredible of them.

So in the end, "Brunch on the Porch" was a success and will be followed up by "Bar-b-Q on the Porch", "Dessert on the Porch", "Dance party on the Porch" and maybe even "Popsicle party on the Porch". When you have a porch, the possibilities are endless.

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  1. Wow!! I am very impressed and yet sad that I missed this big event! Your table looks amazing:) Glad you had fun and took pictures too! I was there in my mind!heehee! Great guys to clean up! Looking forward to the next 'Porch Party'!