Thursday, 17 March 2011

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of good luck.

Does everything happen for a reason?
Do you really believe that? Deep down in your heart of hearts, where you keep the simple truths you know are true, is this one of those truths? Or is it simply a happy-go-lucky way of blocking out responsibility and claiming that all things, big and small, that happen are all just on a plan. Or is it more than just a happy thought? What if we all really were so important that someone made a plan just for us? A plan that mapped out our entire lives, not step by step with rigid guidelines, but a plan to give us the opportunity to be shaped, molded and improved upon so that we could become better than who we currently are. A plan made by whom? A plan that focuses on me, or on you or on someone else? How is it possible that the intricate details of our lives can somehow wind together into a perfect fit that enables the fate-like collisions that completely alter our universes?

The answer is simple in theory, but difficult in practice: God. Our Heavenly Father who watches from above, is intimately involved in everthing that happens and who is generally concerned about us as we make our way through his gauntlet of tears and joy.

For me, yes, I believe everthing happens for a reason, even the small things. But I think the trick is not over-looking the small things, but not over-emphasizing them either. I believe in taking things in stride. To trust in God, do your best and really try to act the best way you can.

I know God takes care of us. I know He watches out for us and loves us for who we are, but I also know He cares too much about us to leave us that way. We have to improve and become the people we really are.

So no matter what strange and seemingly irrevelant (or super-relevant) passes happen in your life, keep in mind that there is someone who already sees how it could end for you, if you just keep moving.


  1. Wow! Amazing post. I'm seeing my sweet Kayla♥

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