Monday, 20 June 2011

Why the world needs more Fast and the Furious movies.

Have you even been driving along, just minding your own business and a song comes on that makes you feel bullet proof? Like you could do anything? Lemme tell you what, that happens to me just about every day! And when those songs come on my first reaction is a lead foot on the gas pedal. All I want to do is pull a Nascar/Fast Five and go crazy on the road!
It's for these reasons I will never buy a Mustang GTO or stick with something a little more chill. Even though, once my aviators go on, my Fast Five soundtrack is loaded, I might as well be in a high speed chase down in Brazil.
So why does the world need more Fast and Furious movies? I'll tell you why, so girls like me can keep on dreaming about sweet cars and driving way too fast!


  1. Kayla! I heart you! LOL-ing as I'm picturing you with your Aviators on driving way too fast down the road in your imaginary Mustang GT. :)

    Hey, you need more "RUN" songs on your playlist! Here's a few more -

    * Run Around - by Blues Traveler
    * Running - by No Doubt
    * Run to You - by Bryan Adams
    * Runaway - by Linkin Park
    * Run to the Hills - by Iron Maiden (you know you love 'em!)
    * Running Away - by Hoobastank

    How's that? :)

  2. Well would you look at that... you blog made my typing all girlie. Not sure I'm cool with that! :D